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Vision 2016 Commission: Comprehensive Study of the Future Practice of Law

Vision 2016
The Commission will look at the current impact, as well as the long-term challenges that the legal profession will face. This comprehensive study will provide the foundation to “prepare today’s lawyer for tomorrow’s practice.”

Access to Legal Services Committee

Pending/none identified at this time.


Public Comments e-mal legal education sub-group


Staff: Terry Hill/Lani Fraser
Adele I. Stone, Chair - Fort Lauderdale (2016)
Julio Cesar Jaramillo, Vice Chair - Miami (2016)
Robert A. Bertisch - West Palm Beach (2016)
Bruce Beuford Blackwell - Orlando (2016)
Alan B. Bookman - Pensacola (2018)
Benjamin Andrew Carpenter - Kissimmee (2016)
Marcelyn R. Cox - Coral Gables (2016)
Michael M. Fields - Tallahassee (2016)
John Dudley Goodlette - Naples (2016)
Jay Kim - Fort Lauderdale (2016)
Sharon Lynne Langer - Miami (2016)
Kathleen Schin McLeroy - Tampa (2016)
Nishit Virendra Patel - Sarasota (2016)
Theodore Washington Small Jr. - Deland (2016)
William A. VanNortwick Jr. - Tallahassee (2016)

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