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Vision 2016 Commission: Comprehensive Study of the Future Practice of Law

Vision 2016
The Commission will look at the current impact, as well as the long-term challenges that the legal profession will face. This comprehensive study will provide the foundation to “prepare today’s lawyer for tomorrow’s practice.”

Access to Legal Services Subgroup

The Access to Legal Services Subgroup is currently inactive while the Florida Commission on Access to Civil Justice, created by the Supreme Court of Florida, conducts its work directly pertaining to access to justice issues. The Florida Commission on Access to Civil Justice website is


Vision 2016 Access to Legal Services Report & Recommendation on Limited Scope Representation PDF document opens in new window (March 5, 2015)


Staff: Terry Hill/Frank Digon
Adele I. Stone, Chair - Fort Lauderdale (2016)
Julio Cesar Jaramillo, Vice Chair - Miami (2016)
Robert A. Bertisch - West Palm Beach (2016)
Bruce Beuford Blackwell - Orlando (2016)
Alan B. Bookman - Pensacola (2018)
Benjamin Andrew Carpenter - Kissimmee (2016)
Marcelyn R. Cox - Coral Gables (2016)
Michael M. Fields - Tallahassee (2016)
John Dudley Goodlette - Naples (2016)
Jay Kim - Fort Lauderdale (2016)
Sharon Lynne Langer - Miami (2016)
Kathleen Schin McLeroy - Tampa (2016)
Nishit Virendra Patel - Sarasota (2016)
Theodore Washington Small Jr. - Deland (2016)
William A. VanNortwick Jr. - Tallahassee (2016)

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