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Vision 2016 Commission: Technology Subgroup

Vision 2016

The Commission will look at the current impact, as well as the long-term challenges that the legal profession will face. This comprehensive study will provide the foundation to “prepare today’s lawyer for tomorrow’s practice.”

Technology Subgroup

Areas of Study (as of July 2015)

1. Technology that performs legal / lawyer work

2. Integration of technology into law offices

3. Integration of technology into the courts

4. E-Discovery

5. Areas of work/employment opportunities

6. Target minimum technology competency requirements for lawyers

7. Online legal service providers


Bar News Articles pertaining to the work of the Vision 2016 Technology Subgroup:

Agenda set for Board of Governors July meeting (July 15, 2015)
Board considers enhanced technology CLE component (June 15, 2015)
Budget, technology, legal marketing are on the board’s agenda (May 15, 2015)
Recommendations emphasize technological competence (April 15, 2015)
Board of Governors readies for St. Petersburg meeting (March 15, 2015)
Bar, Legal Talk team up to launch the official Florida Bar Podcast (February 15, 2015)
Bar board readies for Tallahassee meeting (January 15, 2015)
Technology rapidly transforms the legal services marketplace (January 15, 2015)
Groups begin zeroing in on specific areas of study (February 15, 2014)

Vision 2016 Technology spin-off projects:

Special Committee on Technology / Office Tools & Resources
Committee on Technology
The Florida Bar Practice Resource Institute
Board Technology Committee
The Florida Bar Best Practices for Effective Electronic Communication


Staff: Terry Hill

John Mitchell Stewart, Chair - Vero Beach (2016)
Thomas Dale Hall, Vice Chair - Tallahassee (2016)
Gregory William Coleman - West Palm Beach (2016)
Joseph Arnold Corsmeier - Clearwater (2016)
Vivian Caridad de las Cuevas - Miami (2016)
Sean Timothy Desmond - Tallahassee (2016)
Cleveland Ferguson III - Jacksonville (2016)
Gordon Johnson Glover - Ocala (2016)
Judge Claude Robert Hilliard - Milton (2016)
Kevin David Johnson - Tampa (2016)
Judge Mac Richard McCoy - Tampa (2016)
Judge Lisa Taylor Munyon - Orlando (2016)
Leroy Pernell - Orlando (2016)
John Jacob Schickel - Jacksonville (2016)
Renée Elise Thompson - Ocala (2016)

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