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The Florida Bar

Multijurisdictional Practices Commission - Work Completed

The Special Commission on the Multijurisdictional Practice of Law issued its final revised report to president Miles A. McGrane on October 24, 2003.

If you have any questions regarding the report, you may contact Lori Holcomb at (850) 561-5840 or

The multijurisdictional practice of law can best be defined as practicing law in a state in which you are not licensed. This practice may be in the litigation or transactional field. Examples include pre-litigation activities before being admitted pro hac vice, taking depositions in other states, drafting contracts governed by another state’s laws, conducting real estate closings in another state, representing a client in an arbitration proceeding, activities of multistate firms and advice in Florida on the laws of another state or country. These examples are not all inclusive – the issue is complex and expansive.

The mission of The Florida Bar Multijurisdictional Practices Commission is to research, study and report on the application of current ethics and bar admission rules to the multijurisdictional practice of law. The Commission will be making policy recommendations to the Board of Governors of The Florida Bar on how the public interest can best be served in connection with the multijurisdictional practice of law.

[Revised: 07/30/2004]