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Articles on Ethics Issues

06/01/2001Lawyer warns of scam artist who targets attorneys
01/15/2004Should your firm be accepting credit cards?
01/01/2006Rule notifying clients when lawyers leave firms goes into effect today
05/15/2007Even lawyers can be scammed
06/01/2007Criminals are out there pretending to be lawyers
07/15/2007Con artists are still 'assuming' the identity of Florida lawyers
10/01/2008Lawyers’ names are being used to perpetuate scams
12/01/2008Con men steal identities, pirate attorney Web sites
03/15/2009Swindlers pretending to be lawyers are back
04/15/2009E-scam targets attorneys doing collections work
11/01/2009Inadvertent Document Productions and the Threat of Attorney Disqualification
09/15/2009There is a new wrinkle on an old scam targeting lawyers
12/15/2009Swindlers hit lawyers with sophisticated schemes
02/01/2010Con men just keep getting more brazen
03/15/2010Hotline provides a peek at lawyers during hard times (Lawyers personally filing bankruptcy)
05/15/2010Understanding amendments to the trust accounting rules
06/15/2010Hackers loot lawyer’s trust account
06/15/2010What do you do with misdirected documents?
09/01/2010Commonly Asked Questions About Trust Accounts
10/01/2010It could happen to you
10/01/2010Charlatans continue to take lawyers for a ride
11/01/2010Sophisticated scams abound
03/15/2011A new twist on the old cashier’s check scam
05/15/2011Beware of contracting with nonlawyers on foreclosure-related rescue services
06/01/2011When Can a Lawyer Communicate With Your Client?
08/15/2011 Attorney suspended for involvement with nonlawyers in loan modification business
08/15/2012 How to handle lawyer-client fee disputes
08/15/2012 Lawyer bilked out of $80k
09/01/2012ID theft is the latest threat to attorneys
11/02/2012Beware of Fraudsters Pretending to Be Attorneys (Florida Bar Press Release)
04/15/2014Attorneys should verify IOTA titling
11/15/2012Con men pretend to be Florida attorneys
05/01/2014Rules now require written trust account plans
01/15/2015Amendment clarifies the duties associated with leaving a firm
03/01/2016Up in Smoke or Down in Flames? A Florida Lawyer's Legal and Ethical Risks in Advising a Marijuana Industry Client
04/15/2016Got questions about advertising? The Bar’s Ethics and Advertising Department has the answers
09/15/2016Website tracks scams aimed at attorneys
09/15/2016'Fake' lawyers arrested
11/01/2016Sophisticated scam targets lawyers and wire transfers.

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