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In July 2014, the new FLORIDA BAR website was launched, and the flagship addition to the website was the MY FLORIDA BAR page for each Member, Customer (including Public Members) and (ultimately) FRP with a Bar Number and Password.

The MY FLORIDA BAR page launches on successful login, and provides a one stop portal solution for:

  • Profile edit / My Profile
  • Fee Payment / My Fees
  • CLE Registration and Post / My CLE
  • Section Access / My Sections
  • Committee Access / My Committees
  • Board Certification Access / My Board Certifications
  • Additional Links
  • 1-click return to the MY FLORIDA BAR page from any location on

To Access:
A valid Bar Number and Password login is required. (CUST and ultimately FRP Number hereafter referred to as Bar Number)
The IDEAL member path re: is to arrive at the Home page and immediately Login. Once logged in, the member is delivered to the MY FLORIDA BAR page, enjoys a customized experience on the site, and is immediately validated for fees, CLE, profile edit, Fastcase and all other password protected functions of the website.

Go to > in for Lawyers, Log In -or- Login at top right:

When prompted, login:

User is delivered to his or her MY FLORIDA BAR page, from which the user can access any of the major password protected functions of the website, or navigate to other page(s) of interest. To return to MY FLORIDA BAR during session, click MY FLORIDA BAR in the blue navigation bar at top of any site page.

[Revised: 07-18-2014]