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Following the web redesign launch July 1, 2014, fee payment is more easily accessed than ever. On launch of, members may login using Bar Number and Password from Login link at top right or LOG IN button in the blue navigation bar:

2016-17 Florida Bar Home Page noting Log In and LOG IN button navigation

Note that Login is now floating and contains references to Help on the forgotten password process, password requirements, and new user registration:

2016-17 Florida Bar website floating login

From the member's new MY FLORIDA BAR page, click Pay Now in the My Fees section or Pay my annual fees in the I want to... section. As always, secondary methods of fee statement access include direct link from the Home page, graphic link from the What's New section, or even an email or newsletter link.

2016-17 Florida Bar MY FLORIDA BAR page noting My Fees section and I want to section

Skip Navigation links display at the top of the form for accessibility.
Year, Form Title, and optional election of INACTIVE status are shown first, so that optional INACTIVE election will reload appropriate form. Note that during Late Fee Payment, election of INACTIVE STATUS is no longer available on the Online Fee Statement Form.
Deadline information and links to this Help document provided, and most importantly, Bar Number and Name of logged in member.
Confirm Member Number and Name.

Form will preselect any existing Section memberships, and total preselected Section Dues. Member may check to select additional Sections, or uncheck to deselect. Total will automatically adjust.

HELPGovernment, Administrative and Criminal Law Sections have joint Section pricing - if a member notices that boxes are randomly unchecking as selections are made, this is only happening so that the discounted "Joint" selection may be selected.
HELPINACTIVE members are limited to a smaller number of available Sections.

Each year, members are given the opportunity to contribute to the Attorneys Charitable Trust, Children's Legal Services, Supreme Court Historical Society, and/or FLAME (Florida Lawyers for the Maintenance of Excellence). The member may enter amount of contribution to the right of any or all desired charitable contribution recipient(s). Voluntary Contribution amounts are included in the Total Paid calculation in the Membership Fees section.

Prior Year, Current Year, Late, and Other Costs (e.g., Disciplinary Costs) are itemized. These items may not be edited - they are delivered from the member record. Subtotal displays. Total field displays all Section, Voluntary Contribution, and Fees amounts together. Given automatic calculation of selected options and member record values, member may only "adjust" this number by deselecting Section(s) or deleting Voluntary Contribution amount(s).

Member may also indicate full-time Government employee status by checking the box provided at the bottom of the MEMBERSHIP FEES section.

HELPThe Government Employment checkbox may be completed for informational purposes only, but some government employees may select this option AND wish to pay by installments. To pay by installments, the member must use the paper form. Close online fee statement form, complete paper form and return to Membership Records. If the member has lost the paper form, they may contact Membership Records for another.

Fees postmarked after 8-15-16 are assessed a $50.00 late fee. Fees received after 9-30-16 are considered delinquent. A delinquent attorney is prohibited from the practice of law in Florida and from rendering advice on matters of Florida law until all fees, a $50.00 late fee, a $150.00 reinstatement fee and a petition for reinstatement are received and the reinstatement petition is approved by the Executive Director.

Members must indicate which of three options corresponds to his or her level of Trust Account compliance. For a detailed explanation of each, consult Ethics Opinion page$FILE/TRUST%20ACCOUNT%20COMPLIANCE%20CERTIFICATE%20INSTRUCTIONS.pdf?OpenElement.

HELPIn plain language, the options are totally inclusive - either the member is required to maintain and does so, is not required to maintain, or is required to maintain and does not.

Members are required to report whether pro bono legal services were provided during the reporting year, and of what type. Options include Personal, Firm, Contributions, None, Deferred, and None of the Above. Select appropriate answer(s), offering detail as needed in blanks provided.

Multiple selections are permitted, e.g., the member donated hours, contributions, and for a portion of the year was deferred from providing pro bono services because of a change in status or employment.

When finished, member may click Submit to move forward to Shopping Cart review and payment.
Shopping Cart displays, showing itemized listing of charges.

To remove any specific item, click remove link to the right of item.

Within the Fees Shopping Cart, please do not use continue shopping to add non Fees items (mixed Shopping Carts that include Annual Bar Membership Fees item will produce an error).

To move forward to Payment screen, click check out:

2016-17 Florida Bar Fee Payment shopping cart noting check out button

HELPWorking....please wait.... notation appears once check out is selected.

Important! Refreshing or otherwise resubmitting the Online Fee Statement Form at any time when a Working....please wait.... notice is displaying will cause problems! Patience.

Payment Screen again lists items ordered at top. At bottom, enter Credit Card and Expiration Date detail. Click complete payment to submit payment detail for approval:

2016-17 Florida Bar Shopping Cart noting Payment Information section

Working....please wait.... indicator displays awaiting response from credit card company.

On approval, Confirmation Page loads noting Order #, Item Detail, member Billing Address information, (Last 4 digits of) Credit Card #, Authorization #, and Order Date:

2016-17 Florida Bar Fee Payment Order Confirmation page

HELPMember may print to a printer or PDF as desired, but should note that a confirmatory email is also sent to the member email address on record. These emails typically arrive minutes after successful payment.
HELPIf for some reason the member does not receive a confirmatory email:

a) check your Junk Mail or SPAM folder, and/or

b) contact Membership Records at (866) 854-5050 for a duplicate.

Return to your MY FLORIDA BAR page by clicking MY FLORIDA BAR in the blue navigation bar at top. Note that within a few minutes of Fee Payment and confirmation, your My Fees section will indicate Paid - Thank You! and the SHOW MORE button will display a listing inclusive of this most recent Fee payment.

Log out using the Log Out link at top right. Note that logging out securely closes your session with

[Revised: 05-15-2016]