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Fastcase 101

Fastcase is an online case search tool provided as a Member Benefit beginning in June 2005 - more advanced search options are available if a member upgrades service. Without an upgrade, members may use FL-only Fastcase at no cost if they access Fastcase via the Florida Bar website.

To Access:
A valid Bar Number and Password login is required to use Fastcase as a Member Benefit.
The IDEAL member path re: is to arrive at the Home page and immediately Login. Once logged in, the member is delivered to the MY FLORIDA BAR page, enjoys a customized experience on the site, and is immediately validated for Fastcase and all other password protected functions of the website.

When prompted, login:

User is delivered to his or her MY FLORIDA BAR page.
Option 1 - Scroll down the page > click Fastcase - Free Legal Research for Bar Members under Quick Links:

Option 2 - (some users prefer to) Return to the Home page by clicking THE FLORIDA BAR at top > re-click the Fastcase link in for Lawyers section (see first screen shot)

Option 3 - Of course if there is an article in the News or Journal, or another icon or link on another portion of our site or any other, the same requirements apply. If the user is not logged in, he or she will be prompted to do so, and immediately delivered to the MY FLORIDA BAR page. Instructions above apply.

In ANY case, a logged in user is validated/passed through to Fastcase and can conduct searches as desired:

If you receive questions re: HOW to search Fastcase, how much the upgrade is, and anything else re: Fastcase beyond "How do I access Fastcase?" > PLEASE REFER THOSE CALLS TO FASTCASE - Phone: (866) 77-FASTCASE - (866) 773-278-2273. We want to make sure to give out correct information, and like any business, Fastcase may change pricing or other plan elements. Allow them to sell their product beyond login.

[Revised: 10-11-2016]