The Florida Bar

Florida Bar Legislative Positions on Court Funding

The Florida Bar supports adequate funding of the state courts system, state attorneys' offices, public defenders' offices, and court-appointed counsel.

The Florida Bar supports the State Courts System’s Seven Principles for Stabilizing Court Funding (January 2009) which specify:

a) The elements of the State Courts System codified in section 29.001, Florida Statutes, should be adequately funded by the State to ensure the guarantee of court access by Florida's citizens.
b) Court fees assessed and paid by Florida's citizens to access their court system should be dedicated to the court system, as already provided for by state law.
c) Unless adequate safeguards are in place, court-related revenue other than filing fee revenue (revenue derived from fines, service charges, and costs) should not be dedicated to court funding but used to support other justice system partners.
d) All current court-related revenue being collected should be re-evaluated to determine what portion of current filing fee revenue should be dedicated to court funding.
e) Additional or increased filing fees should be considered, but only after an adequate review of the distribution of the current filing fee revenue has been made.
f) Some components of the State Courts System are more appropriately funded from the general fund and should remain so.
g) State Court Trust Funds are the appropriate depositories for court filing fee revenue.

The Florida Bar supports further legislative review of court-related functions now provided by Florida’s clerks of court.

March 2009

[Revised: 05-26-2011]