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Florida Supreme Court Justice Barbara ParienteInformed Voters-Fair Judges Project
The Informed Voters-Fair Judges Project of the National Association of Women Judges External Link focuses on increasing the knowledge of citizens regarding the importance of a fair and impartial judiciary. Florida Supreme Court Justice Barbara Pariente serves as state coordinating committee co-chairperson for the initiative.

Fair Courts = Justice
The Informed Voters Project has a new PowerPoint presentation for speakers that reviews the responsibilities of the judicial branch Powerpoint document opens in new window and how judges are different from other elected officials.

Fair and Impartial Judiciary videos
Florida Supreme Court Justice Barbara Pariente talks about what goes into making a fair and impartial judiciary in this set of brief videos.
Video One: How are judges different from other public officials. External Link
Videos Two: Judiciary designed to protect judges from outside influences. External Link

Public Service Annoucements are available for viewing and use by broadcast entities:
TV PSA: External Link
Radio PSA: External Link

Informed Voters Project webinar
Learn how to make Informed Voters Project presentations by listening to a webinar hosted by Florida Supreme Court Justice Barbara Pariente, Annette Pitts, executive director of the Florida Law Related Education Association, and Lisa Hall, of Hall + Media Strategies. Please sign in with your name and email address to be connected.

National Association of Women Judges partners with The Florida Bar
The Informed Voters Project has a goal of educating voters about attacks on the judiciary and why it is in the interest of all citizens to have fair and impartial courts.

Materials for Fair Courts - Justice presentation for civic groups
Attorneys and judges can use the Fair Courts = Justice presentation when they are invited to speak to civic clubs and groups. The presentation includes an activity overview, video, PowerPoint, five handouts and a backgrounder. Additionally a Messaging Guide and Message Wheel are for presenters to become familiar with the Informed Voters Project but are not intended for distribution to audiences.

IVP Public service radio announcement
Listen to the "Fair and Free" radio announcement that Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor (Ret.) recorded for the National Association of Women Judges Informed Voters Project. (Text of Fair and Free audio available.) 

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