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Technology Consultations

Planning and technical expertise are essential to successfully implementing technology change to meet your firm's long-term needs. The law firm that takes full advantage of information technology will ensure it is in a better position to compete profitably in the future.

Equipment and software obsolescence is not a short-term problem. It’s easy for you to understand you need to update or add to your firm’s technology. It’s not so easy to understand how to accomplish the change. Finding a skilled technology advisor, knowledgeable in the unique requirements of law firms, is essential if the firm's technology dollars are to be spent wisely. This is a good time to call the Practice Resource Institute (PRI) at The Florida Bar.

For example, perhaps you are contemplating a firm-wide technology upgrade. A PRI practice management advisor can assist you with your audit of the firm’s existing technology. The PMA can then identify problems, analyze and provide an impartial evaluation of your firm’s needs.

Or, perhaps you already have a technology proposal from your local vendor, but you’re uncomfortable with it, and are wondering, “Do I really need that file server?” PRI can review the proposal and provide an impartial evaluation.

In addition to his seven years experience as a law firm administrator, PMA Jerry Sullenberger has more than ten years as an IT consultant and trainer, and is both a Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) and a Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) among other IT certifications. If you have questions regarding software or hardware issues, contact

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[Revised: 01-26-2015]