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Do you want to know more about starting a new practice? Do you want to learn more about professionalism or about risk management? Do you have questions about practice management or do you need help with your job search? Whatever your needs, we have a RESOURCE for that.

" "Starting a New Practice
The Starting a New Practice area of the Law Office 411 site has sample forms, management information, and guidance for lawyers opening a firm.
Job Search/Career Resources
Are you looking for the perfect job or career building tips? Please visit The Florida Bar Career Center and job resources.
Free Legal Research
There are many online resources for free or inexpensive legal research including Virtual Law Libraries and FastCase External Link, a member benefit providing free Florida caselaw search.
Member Benefits
Florida Bar Member Benefits provide a variety of products and services at discounted rates to members. Review a Bar Journal article, The Bar’s Member Benefits - Saving Costs During a Lean Economy.
Tech TipsTech Tips
A new Tech Tips is published on the homepage each Tuesday. Review all tech tips and help your office run more smoothly.
Free CLE
Free and reduced rate CLE programs are available online. Meet your requirements with minimal impact on your budget.
Finding New Clients
Developing a client base is a key step to firm success. Advertising is one way, and another is joining the Bar’s Lawyer Referral Service.
Ethics Opinions Subject Index
You can always call the Ethics Hotline for guidance, but the source material is available and easy to locate with the Ethics Opinion Subject Index.
Law Office 411 – Firm Management
Law Office 411 is the website of the Practice Resource Institute. PRI practice management advisors support Florida lawyers with answers to many office management issues.
Advertising Rules
If you are planning to advertise, or are wondering if you can ask for referrals from colleagues, you need to understand the rules. The Advertising Handbook, checklist and guidelines contain the answers.
Lawyers Advising Lawyers – Practice Area Mentoring
If you need help with a substantive law issue or have a how-to-do-it question in an unfamiliar area of law practice. Contact the Bar’s Lawyers Advising Lawyers (LAL) program for short-term mentoring for just such occasions. (Formerly - Seek Council of Professional Experience SCOPE.)
Get Involved
Networking with your peers and performing pro bono work within your community contributes to your success. Join your local voluntary bar association and be active in The Florida Bar through practice area Sections, Divisions or as a Bar Committee member. Find all the ways to Get Involved.
Pro Bono

Providing pro bono legal services within your community enhances your professional reputation and personal satisfaction.

Economic News
Get international, national and state-wide economic news from the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times ,, and Florida Trend .
Stress Management
A lawyer’s life is filled with confrontation and competition, conflict resolution and dealing with various trauma situations, all of which make stress a common and serious issue. Stress management help External Link is available from Florida Lawyers Assistance External Link.

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