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Carrying The Certification Flag Around The World 2014-15 Fiscal Year

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Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section’s Executive Council
Pamella Seay
Section Leadership Board Certified members.

For more information, please contact Amanda McCartney at (850) 561-3151 or Also available are photos from previous years.

The Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section’s Executive Council met at Loyola (Chicago) University School of Law. Among the Board Certified lawyers in attendance, 17 of whom are pictured below, were past Section chairs Roland “Chip” Waller and Margaret “Peggy” Rolando, current Section Chair Michael D. Dribin, and Chair-Elect Michael J. Gelfand.

Members of the Florida and Illinois Bar in attendance pictured are Carol L. Martin, John C. Voorn, and Robert I. Wertheimer.

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Pamella Seay, board certified in International Law is pictured here in Rome with the certification flag.

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Section Leadership Board Certified members at the Section Leadership Conference on July 18, 2014, in Tallahassee.

Front row: Cristin Keane (Board Certified in Tax Law), Jeannine Williams (Board Certified in City, County and Local Gov't Law), Carin Porras (Board Certified in Marital & Family Law) and Maria Gonzalez (Board Certified in Marital & Family Law)

Back row: Michael Gelfand (Board Certified in Real Estate), William Dillon (Board Certified in Health Law), Mark Brown (Board Certified in Tax Law & Wills, Trusts, and Estates), Duane Daiker (Board Certified in Appellate Practice), Frank Brown (Board Certified in Labor and Employment) and Matthew Conigliaro (Board Certified in Appellate Practice)

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