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The Three Professors- Henderson, Susskind and Harper This post may not have the lyrical flair of The Three Tenors, but hopefully you will find something useful (if not quite musical) by following the fusion of the thoughts of the three law professors that I recommend to you...
from: Jim Calloway's Law Practice Tips Blog  07/24/2014
What if the clients decided to provide the templates for their legal work? Lawyers are very skilled at creating legal documents and one of the values they provide to their clients is quality documents based on research, precedent and experience. So most of the time, a client would be in no position to...
from: Jim Calloway's Law Practice Tips Blog  07/24/2014
Digital Edge podcast: When Lawyers Get Divorced: Ethically Breaking up a Law Firm On the newest episode of The Digital Edge podcast, When Lawyers Get Divorced: Ethically Breaking up a Law Firm, Sharon D. Nelson and Jim Calloway ask legal ethics expert Tom Spahn about the proper way to professionally deal with the...
from: Jim Calloway's Law Practice Tips Blog  07/24/2014
Announcing 2009 International Human Rights Award Recipient The recipient of the Section of Litigations 2009 International Human Rights Award is Edwin Rekosh. The Award will be presented during the ABA's Annual Meeting in Chicago at The Fairmont Hotel on Friday, July 31, 2009. Learn more about Mr. Rekosh and the International Human Rights Award.
from: ABA Section of Litigation: Online Resources for Litigators  07/24/2014
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor Addresses the Section of Litigation Concerning State Court Judicial Campaign Contributions and Disqualification The Section of Litigation is pleased to present audio recordings of the Honorable Sandra Day O'Connor who spoke on January 9, 2009 in Scottsdale, AZ to a plenary gathering of Section members. Justice O'Connor led a panel discussion concerning state court judicial campaign contributions and disqualification, a subject of great interest to the legal community in light of Caperton v. Massey, currently pending before the United States Supreme Court and on which oral arguments were heard on March 2, 2009.
from: ABA Section of Litigation: Online Resources for Litigators  07/24/2014
Can Email Create Personal Jurisdiction over a Foreign Defendant? A recent Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals decision, finding that email and telephone communications are insufficient to establish personal jurisdiction over a foreign defendant in a lawsuit asserting tort and contract claims, is causing litigators to once again consider the importance of forum selection clauses.
from: ABA Section of Litigation: Online Resources for Litigators  07/24/2014
FIXED – Internet Explorer Bug-Of-The-Day Here is a great video and post with steps on how to protect yourself form the IE moonster affecting ALL versions of IE that has been making news this week. Steve Gibson created the inital steps but left out a few things. Terry Cole from Cole Informatics added these and created the video and post. If you're running Windows XP, you especially need to check this out. See here.
from: Nerino Petro's  07/20/2014
Should Attorneys Use Free Email? Are you using a free email account to communicate with clients? At least 1,652 South Carolina lawyers have registered a free Gmail account as their primary email address. Under the terms of service for free Gmail, the account user grants to Google a license in his or her email content. While it is unlikely that »more
from: SC Small Firm.comSC Small  07/19/2014
Does your State have a Security Breach Notification Law? With the continuing onslaught of data breach stories, every lawyer should be aware whether their state has such a law on the books and what it requires in the event of a breach. The National Council of State Legislatures has compiled a chart of which states and territories have such laws and links to them as well.
from: Nerino Petro's  07/18/2014
Boosting Your Productivity in 2011 With the New Year just around the corner, soon many of us will resolve to improve our law practices in 2011. To help with those resolutions, the ABA Inside Practice newsletter has published Tips for Boosting Productivity at the Office from our book. The list has a dozen practical ways to improve productivity within a [...]
from: The Busy Lawyer's Guide to Success  07/18/2014
Tech Stocking Stuffers This year, it’s easy to find a little something for the techie in your life for under $100 – stocking ready! Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player - Plug this little device into your HDTV and watch content from your computer, smartphone, iPad or Android tablet on the big screen. It’s all done through your home WiFi. »more
from: SC Small Firm.comSC Small  07/18/2014
Ten Tips to Supercharge Your Online Presence . . . is the title of my article I co-authored with Jim Calloway and Nerino Petro in the February issue of Law Practice Today that was just published last week. Jim, Nerino, and I selected these tips from our presentation 60+ Best Marketing Practices for Lawyers in 60 Minutes. The tips focus on web-based marketing, including social [...]
from: The Busy Lawyer's Guide to Success  07/16/2014
5 basic steps for building a solid social media brand There is a great post on the Social Media Examiner blog today. It asks the question: “What message does your brand convey to socially engaged customers?” I think too many people (and their SEO consultants) try to take the tact that you need to be all things to all people in all channels.  Unless you [...]
from: The Busy Lawyer's Guide to Success  07/16/2014
Guest Post: The Legal Ethics of Cloud Computing in Massachusetts Judging from the number of questions we get on the topic here at LOMAP, it’s clear that lawyers retain an abiding interest in cloud services, due, in large part, to the increased efficiency and flexibility cloud services purport to provide.  However, a number of attorneys I speak to are reluctant to use the cloud; and, [...]
from: Mass LOMAP  07/16/2014
Restoring Your Computer System and Recovering Data in the Event of the Unthinkable Backing up your files is essential!  But, if you don’t know how to restore and recover your data in the event of a data loss, then your backup is worthless.  I’ve written a post for the ABA’s Legal Technology Today blog that covers how to restore and recover data. You can read my post here.
from: Mass LOMAP  07/16/2014
New 100 Best Android Apps List: Just in time for ABA TECHSHOW! ABA TECHSHOW is fast approaching and in addition to all of the other sessions, there are a number of sessions for Android users. And just in time for TECHSHOW, has come out with their new list of the Best 100 Android Apps. There are a number on the list that can make lawyers lives easier such as Anti-virus and security apps, secure text messaging and communication apps and more.
from: Nerino Petro's  07/15/2014
The Facebook Shell Game I have a personal Facebook account – like millions of us. I mainly have it to keep track of a few family members and old friends who insist on inhabiting Facebook as a surrogate kitchen table for family news. When Facebook was new, I started off strong, accepting invitations from old college chums, colleagues, acquaintances, »more
from: SC Small Firm.comSC Small  07/14/2014

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