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Frequently Asked Questions about BSCR

1. What courses satisfy the Basic Skills Course Requirement (BSCR)?

Practicing with Professionalism and 3 basic level Young Lawyer Division (YLD) courses are required to satisfy this requirement.

2. May I satisfy the BSCR by viewing a tape of the Practicing with Professionalism and the YLD Courses?

No. In order to satisfy the BSCR, one must complete Practicing with Professionalism in person at one of the location provided by The Florida Bar. Members may complete the 3 YLD programs either in person at one of the locations provided by The Florida Bar or online via our online provider, InReach.

3. Can I get an exemption from the Basic Skills Course Requirement?

There is no exemption from taking Practicing with Professionalism, but there is an exemption from the three YLD courses. To receive an exemption, you must complete one of the BSCR Exemption Forms.

4. May I defer my compliance with the BSCR?

Yes. Members may defer their compliance with the BSCR. Below is a link to the available deferments.

5. When do I need to complete the Basic Skills Course Requirement?

Practicing with Professionalism must be completed no sooner than 12 months prior to or no later than 12 months following admission to The Florida Bar.

Three basic substantive CLE programs sponsored by the Young Lawyers Division of The Florida Bar must be completed by the end of member's initial continuing legal education requirement reporting cycle.

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[Revised: 03-28-2016]