The Florida Bar

Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism


To promote the fundamental ideals and values
of the justice system within the legal system,
and to instill those ideals of
character, civility, competence, and commitment
in all those persons
serving therein.

The Supreme Court of Florida's Commission on Professionalism serves as a steering and long-range planning commission for the creation and implementation of programs promoting the ideals and goals of professionalism. In addition to providing input, guidance and approval for the creation and implementation of professionalism programs and seminars, the commission oversees the development of judicial professionalism programs and the promoting of professionalism in law schools. The commission establishes the policies of the bar's Center and is its governing board. The commission meets several times per year to address issues presented. Members of the commission are also called upon to speak at functions throughout the state.

2014-2015 Commission on Professionalism

The Honorable R. Fred Lewis, Chair
Ramón A. Abadin
R. Alexander Acosta
Alvin V. Alsobrook
L. Norman Vaughan-Birch
Kathleen Maria Bonczyk
Mary Ellen Murphy Borja
Kevin Cieply
Gregory W. Coleman
George L. Dawson
Leticia Maria Diaz
Alfredo Garcia
Jon Garon
Michele A. Gavagni
Gordon Johnson Glover
Maria C. Gonzalez
Franklin R. Harrison
Caroline Johnson Levine
Martha Lynne Martin
Rafael Eduardo Martinez
Jeffrey L. Martlew
Jason L. Odom
Chidi Ogene
Michael Fox Orr
Henry Lee Paul
LeRoy Pernell
Christopher M. Pietruszkiewicz
Teresa Jean Reid
Michael L. Schneider
Peter D. Webster
Donald J. Weidner
Patricia White
Eugene F. Zenobi

Add Ex-Officios
Ramon A. Abadin
The Honorable Roberto Arias
Kevin A. Ashley
Martha F. Barrera
Frank M. Bedell
John T. Berry
The Honorable Peter D. Blanc
The Honorable Raoul G. Cantero, III
Jewel W. Cole
William H. Davis
Sean T. Desmond
Douglas N. Duncan
Stephen Emmanuel
Michael J. Faehner
Robert J. Fiore
Angela Flowers
The Honorable Ross M. Goodman
Melanie Griffin
David Hallman
Joseph D. Harbaugh
Roger James Haughey
Arthur Hernandez
Vivian L. Hobbs
Michael R. Josephs
Lawrence Kuvin
Donald Lively
The Honorable John Luzzo
The Honorable Robert J. McCune, Jr.
The Honorable June C. McKinney
H. Edward Moore, Jr.
Jamie B. Moses
The Honorable Richard B. Orfinger
Robert L. Parks
The Honorable Israel U. Reyes
Elizabeth G. Rice
The Honorable Debra Roberts
Juliet Roulhac
Richard Sachs
Diana Santa Maria
Christian D. Searcy
Katherine C. Silverglate
Larry D. Smith
Brian Spector
Charles R. Stack
John Stewart
Leonard Strickman
Renee E. Thompson
Wilhelmina L. Tribble
The Honorable William Van Nortwick, Jr.
Roberto M. Vargas
Ardyth Walker
Edward M. Waller, Jr.
Harriet Williams
Bonita Young

[Revised: 07-16-2014]