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Confidential Judicial Feedback Program

The purpose of the Confidential Judicial Feedback Program is to promote judicial self-improvement and enhance the quality of our judiciary as a whole. After the entry of a final order, attorneys are asked to evaluate the judge’s demeanor, knowledge, fairness, and other factors, but not to discuss issues of their specific cases completing the confidential feedback from will only take 5-7 minutes of your time. The commenting attorney’s identity is kept confidential and the comments are provided only to the judge who is the subject of the review. All feedback is confidential pursuant to Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.420(c)(4). Judges may communicate the substance of the feedback to their chief judge or to another judge for the purpose of peer input, but otherwise the feedback may not be disclosed to any other person. This voluntary confidential judicial feedback program is coordinated by the Judicial Administration and Evaluation Committee.

Online Forms:
Login with your Bar number and password to participate in the Confidential Judicial Feedback Program.

By mail:
Trial PDF document opens in new window and appellate PDF document opens in new window court feedback forms and an example of how the confidential envelope PDF document opens in new window should look are available in PDF format .

[Revised: 04-28-2015]