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Registration for ABA TECHSHOW 2015 is now open!  

ABA TECHSHOW 2015 April 16-18 in Chicago.  The Florida Bar is an approved ABA TECHSHOW 2015 Event Promoter. This year, registrants who use the Event Promoter code can now register online for ABA TECHSHOW 2015, or they can also download the registration form and follow the instructions if they wish. 

The Florida Bar Event Promoter code is: TECHSHOWEP15. During the check-out process online, registrants who enter TECHSHOWEP15 will have to answer a question that indicates which Bar they are coming from. The discount code can only be used for members who qualify for the Standard and ABA rate.  

Using TECHSHOWEP15 allows you as a Florida Bar member to receive the exclusive Event Promoter (EP) discount when registering for ABA TECHSHOW 2015.




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