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President’s Page
“Listen to Jack”
by Ramón A. Abadin

Executive Directions
Fastcase Is a Varied Research Tool
by John F. Harkness, Jr.

Appellate Practice
On What Grounds? Challenging an Arbitration Award Under Federal and Florida Law
by Jonathan S. Tannen

Labor and Employment Law
Discovery in ERISA Cases? How Florida Federal Courts Are Changing the ERISA Landscape One Case at a Time
by Emilia A. Quesada

Business Law
The Calloway Conundrum: Exploring the Business Records Exception and Florida’s Evidence Code
by Manuel Farach

City, County and Local Government Law
Another Fine Mess: Are Non-ad Valorem Special Assessments for Local Government Nuisance Abatement Charges Legally Defensible?
by Amanda S. Coffey

Tax Law
State Income Tax Planning for the Nonresident Floridian: The ING Trust
by George D. Karibjanian and Hannah W. Mensch

Real Property, Probate and Trust Law
Equitable Liens and Construction Financing
by Martin A. Schwartz 


February 2016
Volume 90, No.2
The Extraordinary Remedy of Mandamus: A Creative Solution to Formidable Jurisdictional Hurdles - by David E. Wolff

Our Due Process Debt to Magna Carta - by Leonard W. Klingen

Remedies for an Epidemic of Medical Provider Price Gouging - by Steven I. Weissman

In the Pill Mill Age, It’s Time Florida Invokes a “Healthcare Privilege” Providing Pharmacists Layered Insulation from Defamation - by Jonathon S. Miller

January 2016

December 2015

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