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When Sylvia Walbolt suggested a friend get married at her family’s place in rural Hillsborough County on Lake Josephine, she envisioned an intimate affair with a few dozen people gathered at the dock.

The bride was lawyer Elaine Holmes. The groom was Farrukh Quarishi, winner of the 1974 Herman Trophy who played soccer for the Tampa Bay Rowdies. And lots of fans wanted to see him tie the knot.

On this unforgettable wedding day in the late ’70s, the front yard suddenly filled with cars that kept coming until the road bulged with a traffic jam.

After the vows, Walbolt scanned the crowd of faces. There must have been 400 people! And they were all looking for food and drink the minute the ceremony was over. Even though she’d played it safe and ordered extra food and champagne, Walbolt panicked.

“I was a basket case,” admitted Walbolt, a partner and shareholder at Carlton Fields who joined the firm in 1963.

Thankfully, her colleague, Gwynne Young, who’d agreed to help with a small reception, stepped up and took charge....

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