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Social Media Evidence: What You Can’t Use Won’t Help You -- Practical Considerations for Using Evidence Gathered on the Internet

by Michael R. Holt and Victoria San Pedro
“My life is an open book.” These words, used long before the advent of the Internet, sum up the impact of what is now known as “social media.” Social networking is an exploding phenomenon. It not only impacts our daily lives, but legal matters as well. And if used wisely, it provides a treasure trove of information for counsel on either side of a dispute. Thanks to sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, to name just a few, we are now privy to a limitless array of data. This includes personal comments, messages, photographs, and information such as a person’s hometown, date of birth, address, occupation, ethnicity, height, relationship status, income, and education....
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January 2014
Volume 88, No. 1
A Civil Litigator’s Guide to the Privilege Against Self-incrimination in Florida’s State and Federal Courts by Marisa E. Rosen (Dec. 2013)

Broadening Horizons: The Unnecessary Limitations of Florida’s Collateral Crimes Jury Instructions — Kyle B. Sill and Anna Haugen (Dec. 2013)

Admissibility of High-low Agreements in Multi-defendant Litigation Michael L. Forte (Dec. 2013)

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