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October 15, 1999
New Legal Needs of Children Commission to meet in Tampa

President Edith Osman has named a special commission of judges, lawyers and children’s advocates to analyze whether the legal needs of Florida children are being met.

Eleventh Circuit Judge Sandy E. Karlan will chair the 29-member Commission on the Legal Needs of Children. The group will hold its first meeting October 28 in Tampa. An earlier meeting had been set, but was rescheduled when the General Meeting of Committees and Sections was postponed due to Hurricane Floyd.

“The Florida Bar recognizes the value of our children and our responsibility to protect their legal rights. The commission is an outstanding group of legal and nonlegal professionals who have a strong interest in children and special expertise in the child advocacy area,” Osman said. “The goal is to assist children who appear in our courtrooms, whether as victims, witnesses or defendants. Together the commission will identify the legal needs of children in our system, and if those needs are not being met they will propose the best solutions possible.”

Members of the commission are Vice Chair Sharon Lynn Langer of Miami, Justice Barbara J. Pariente of Tallahassee, Judge Ronald V. Alvarez of West Palm Beach, Judge Brian Jordan Davis of Jacksonville, Judge Norman Stuart Gerstein of Miami, Joni Goodman of Miami, Victoria M. Ho of Naples, Judge Terry Michael Jones of Pensacola, Department of Children and Families Secretary Kathleen Ann Kearney of Tallahassee, Gerald Israel Kornreich of Miami, Maria Landin of Miami, Carlos Jesus Martinez of Miami, Frederick McClure of Tampa, Richard Milstein of Miami, Rep. Sandra L. Murman of Tampa, Pat O’Connell of Tallahassee, retired Judge Franklin Orlando of Fort Lauderdale, Beverly Laura Parker of Davie, Bernie Perlmutter of Coral Gables, Azim Ramelize of Coral Gables, Sen. Burt L. Saunders of Naples, Dr. Edward Sczechowicz of Coral Gables, Robert N. Sechen of Tallahassee, Judge Lynn Tepper of Dade City, Judge Martha Curtis Warner of West Palm Beach, Diana Wasserman of Ft. Lauderdale, Dr. Alisa Werner of Miami and Gary A. Woodfield of Palm Beach.

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