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February 1, 2013
New attorneys breakfast

THE 15TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, in conjunction with the Professionalism Committee of the Palm Beach County Bar Association, reached out to attorneys who recently passed the bar or relocated to Palm Beach County to explain the local practice and provide support that may not otherwise be available at a “New Attorney Breakfast” at the Palm Beach County Courthouse. The goal was to introduce the new attorneys to the judges, tour the courthouse, and highlight the numerous voluntary bars and the benefits of joining one. Speaking to the audience of more than 75 new attorneys, the chief judge and the administrative judges of the 15th Circuit explained the types of cases each division hears and spoke about the do’s and don’ts of practicing in that division. The importance of professionalism and abiding by the rules of conduct were emphasized by Justice Jorge Labarga, who explained the process of how the Supreme Court disciplines errant attorneys. Each local voluntary bar also spent a few minutes detailing its goals and purpose and encouraging membership as a means to help a new attorney navigate the legal field. Each voluntary bar set up at a table where information was displayed about the organization. Each new attorney was provided a booklet that included information not only on each of the court divisions, but also included information from the clerk of court and the PBCBA Professionalism Committee. Each new attorney could also complete a form to be matched to an attorney who is either on the executive board of a voluntary bar or a member of the Professionalism Committee. The goal is to have the experienced attorney invite the new attorney for a cup of coffee or lunch and to answer questions or provide networking suggestions.

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