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March 15, 2011
Bar kicks in to help launch e-filing system

The Bar Board of Governors has approved a one-time appropriation to help set up the new electronic filing system for the state courts.

The board, at its recent meeting, approved $20,000 to pass through the courts’ administrative offices to the Florida Courts E-Filing Authority, which is working with the Florida Association of Court Clerks to set up the e-filing system. The e-filing portal opened in January for a handful of counties. (See stories in the January15 and February 1 News.)

It’s expected that the portal will be available everywhere in the state for filing at least some types of cases by the end of June.

Board member Murray Silverstein said he’s concerned about Bar input to the authority, made up of eight county clerks of court and Supreme Court Clerk Tom Hall.

But board member Laird Lile said he’s attended two of the authority board meetings and found members very receptive.

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