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June 1, 2012
Kids deserve justice

A donation to the Foundation can further that goal

Florida Bar members have the opportunity to support the legal needs of the state’s low-income children through the Children’s Legal Services check-off on the Bar’s fee statement.

Gwynne YoungPresident-elect Gwynne Young urges members to make a voluntary contribution of at least $100 to The Florida Bar Foundation’s Children’s Legal Services campaign to help bring the benefits of the law and lawyers to the lives of poor children.

“This is our opportunity as lawyers to demonstrate our commitment to ensuring access to justice for Florida’s kids,” Young said.

Among the children helped in 2010 was a child born with a heart defect and a physical birth deformity. The 5-year-old girl lacks three fingers on her right hand, and the two that she was born with were malformed and webbed together, making it impossible for her to bathe, dress, or feed herself. The surgeries that could normalize her existing fingers were beyond her family’s financial reach, until her local legal aid organization represented her in a Social Security hearing. A favorable decision came the same day, and she now receives both Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid to pay for her medical care and surgery.

“This little girl’s story is just one example of how the legal aid attorneys supported by The Florida Bar Foundation’s Children’s Legal Services grants change kids’ lives every day,” Young said.

In 2011, 2,509 lawyers contributed $193,109 through the Children’s Legal Services campaign to help fund legal services projects dedicated to the special needs of children, including those with learning disabilities, children aging out of foster care, and abused and neglected kids.

Every dollar contributed to the campaign goes directly to support the legal needs of Florida’s low-income children through grants to local legal aid organizations.

Donations can also be made online.

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