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April 30, 2013
Literary Lawyers

Spencer Punnett of Ormond Beach wrote Representing Clients in Mediation: A Guide to Optimal Results Based on Insights from Counsel, Mediators, and Program Administrators. Published by the ABA, the book is designed for lawyers who need to help their clients mediate legal disputes that typically involve a claim for damages. The work is research-based, offering insights and advice culled from interviews with litigators in private practice, inside counsel, mediators, mediation program administrators, and law professors specializing in the field. It also provides step-by-step advice covering the entire mediation process in sequence from beginning to end. The book is available at

Barbara Levenson of Miami wrote Outrageous October. The book is the third in her Mary Magruder Katz mystery series, following Fatal February and Justice in June. The series follows Mary’s misadventures in Vermont where she encounters murders, a kidnapping, and a neo-Nazi cell, instead of the rest and relaxation she expected to find. It is available at

Hillel L. Presser of Deerfield Beach authored The Lawyers Law of Attraction: Marketing Outside the Box but Inside the Law. In the guide, Presser seeks to educate lawyers about how to market their law firms into multi-million-dollar machines by teaching them the ins and outs of marketing basics, carving a niche, networking, social media, public relations, and much more. The book is available at and

Ernest F. “Tony” Peluso of Tampa published Waggoners Gap. The novel tells the story of two families fighting for survival and success in the dark decades surrounding World War II. The Genero clan is at the heart of the story, which tracks the trials and travails of father, mother, son, and daughter as their lives are affected by the historical events and the interaction with the richer and more influential Monarch family. While the Monarchs control most of the industry and economic engines in the Valley, the Generos make their own mark — sometimes in concert with the Monarchs, but often in conflict with them. The generational confluence of these players takes place across a range of time in American history that includes World War I, the Great Depression, and culminates in World War II, when the Genero children, brother and sister, enlist to support the war effort. At the same time, one of the less respectable Monarch brothers takes over the family business and begins to siphon off corporate profits, to mistreat employees, and to plan the destruction of the local economy. The book is available at and

Jacqueline J. Buyze of Jacqueline Buyze Mediation in Naples published A Story of Lawyers with Views from the Bench. The story takes readers on a journey of rhyme and rhythm through the court process. From trial court judges to the Supreme Court justices, the role of the judiciary is explained at every stage of a case. The book includes a child-friendly glossary of basic terms and concepts, and features illustrations by Klaus Shmidheiser. It is the second in the A Story of Lawyers book series, written to educate children of all ages about the work lawyers do, to honor those who admirably serve the profession, and to improve public perceptions. It is available at,, and Barnes & Noble.

M. S. Platt of Akron, Ohio, wrote two books. Holy Economics: Resolving the Debt Crisis deals with the present fiscal and debt crisis in the United States. The book outlines new individual and business tax codes aimed at stimulating the economy and providing a reasonable compromise for Republicans and Democrats. Do Not Forsake Me. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Uncertainty of His American Dream evaluates the path of the Civil Rights Movement as told in light of a murder mystery involving a young infant. Both books are available at

Deborah E. Roser of Roser Law in Bradenton, and Peggy R. Hoyt of Hoyt & Bryan in Oviedo, coauthored Straight Talk! What To Do When Someone Dies (The Truth About Estate Administration). The book advises those who have lost loved ones on their responsibility as a successor trustee or personal representative. It seeks to provide insight into what a person with those responsibilities should be doing, how to speak the language, who to trust, and ultimately how to get the results the grieving person and loved one intended. It is available at

Kenneth Spillias of Lewis Longman and Walker in West Palm Beach published Widow’s Walk: The Precipice. The book is the first part of a series that tells the story of the personal and supernatural battle between good and evil, played out in one man’s struggle with his inner demons. Jim Donovan is stalked and manipulated by evil human, animal, and otherworldly forms, in a journey that ultimately leads him to a final, climactic battle for his eternal soul. The series follows Donovan as he rises to great heights as a mega-church evangelist in South Florida and later falls in a hushed-up scandal that propels him and his wife to Africa, where they ultimately fall victim to mystical and ritualistic depravity. The book is available at,, and Barnes & Noble.

A.Wayne Gill of Gill Law Firm in Delray Beach penned two books. This Business of Supplier Diversity centers around a recently fired business executive turned entrepreneur and concludes with principles for minority business owners and corporations. The Runner is the first book in a seven-part series that follows the life of Michael Knight, a young man conflicted about his future and who embarks on a long journey of self-discovery. The book is available at,, and

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