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August 1, 2014
Governor rejects two Bar slates of JNC nominees

Gov. Rick Scott rejected two slates of judicial nomination commission nominees submitted by the Bar.

Scott asked the Bar to submit a new slate of nominees for the 15th Circuit JNC and the Second District Court of Appeal JNC.

In a July 14 letter to Bar President Greg Coleman, Scott’s general counsel, Peter Antonacci wote: “After careful consideration, and in reliance upon section 43.291(1)(a), Florida Statutes, the Governor respectfully requests that The Florida Bar submit a list of three different candidates for the two vacancies on the Second District Court of Appeal and the Fifteenth Circuit Judicial Nominating Commissions.”

“The Governor appreciates the Bar’s efforts in vetting and selecting nominees, and looks forward to receiving a diverse list of additional names for his consideration at your earliest convenience,” Antonacci wrote.

“The Florida Bar Board of Governors is disappointed the governor did not choose any of the nominees that we very carefully screened and vetted, but that is his prerogative and we will be promptly responding to his request,” said Coleman.

The Second DCA slate rejected by the governor included David M. Caldevilla of Tampa; Theodore C. Eastmoore of Sarasota; Henry G. Gyden of Tampa; Melton H. Little of Bradenton; E. Blake Paul of Lakeland; and Dawn Siler-Nixon of Tampa. That slate included three white men, one Hispanic man, one black man, and one black woman.

The 15th Circuit slate included Rosalyn Baker-Barnes of Palm Beach Gardens; Sarah Cortvriend of North Palm Beach; Alexia L. Cox of Riviera Beach; Theodore J. Leopold and L. Louis Mrachek of West Palm Beach; and Heidi M. Perlet of Boynton Beach. That slate included two white men, two black women, and two white women.

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