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February 1, 2014
Judge Pauline DrakeIT SHOULD COME AS no surprise that, as a member of the judiciary, Duval County Court Judge Pauline Drake has a very busy schedule. Nonetheless, Judge Drake always makes time to visit the two Jacksonville schools that she volunteers with through Justice Teaching: Brentwood Elementary School of the Arts and Arlington Heights Elementary School. Recently, Judge Drake visited fifth-grade students in two classrooms at Brentwood and presented a session that addressed the United States Constitution. Judge Drake reported a phenomenon not uncommon in Justice Teaching. While the students were initially nervous, they grew more comfortable and became quite engaged and animated as the session progressed. She was especially pleased to note that the students listened carefully and were respectful whenever a fellow classmate spoke. Students who excelled during the session received a pen in the shape of a gavel donated by the Clerk’s Office of the Fourth Judicial Circuit. Judge Drake said Justice Teaching is an “excellent opportunity to develop good relationships with the community.” To learn more about becoming a Justice Teaching volunteer, visit

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