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April 15, 2013
Membership Benefit provider offers medical evacuations

Since 2011, Medjet, a medical evacuation membership program, has been a part of The Florida Bar’s Member Benefit lineup.

In the event that a Medjet member becomes ill or injured and is hospitalized more than 150 miles away from home and requires inpatient care, Medjet will arrange transport to the hospital of the member’s choice, virtually anywhere in the world, at no additional cost. The membership will protect The Florida Bar members, regardless if they are traveling for business or pleasure — both domestically and abroad.

Here is an example, provided by Medjet, on how the service helped a Florida-based family: To celebrate her husband’s retirement, Margaret Indgin and her husband took a cruise on the Indian Ocean. Two days before the final port of call, Mrs. Indgin woke with debilitating back pain. Mrs. Indgin stayed aboard the vessel two more days before disembarking in Singapore where she was admitted to the GlenEagles Medical Centre. After an X-ray showed a vertebral infection of the lumbar spine, the chief neurologist determined Mrs. Indgin was stable enough for transport to her home hospital where doctors knew her medical history and could treat her accordingly. When contacted, Medjet arranged for transportation back to Miami via commercial business class air with a critical care nurse escort accompanying the Indgins the entire way to Baptist Hospital, her U.S. hospital of choice. Though her hospital to hospital transfer from Singapore to Miami would have cost upwards of $27,000, Medjet arranged the transport at no cost beyond their annual Medjet membership fee.

There are no adventure travel exclusions with a Medjet membership — likewise no health questions to enroll under age 75, no deductibles, co-payments, or claim forms.

The annual membership rate for Florida Bar members is $205 (under age 75) for an individual with family memberships also available. Medjet offers corporate/firm protection and membership via application for persons age 75-85.

Visit or call (800) 527-7478 for more information.

[Revised: 12-13-2016]