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April 15, 2013
FAWL nominates its executive committee officers

The Florida Association for Women Lawyers has announced its slate of officers for its 2013-2014 Executive Committee.

The slate was approved by the current FAWL Board of Directors in March and will be voted at FAWL’s 2013 Annual Meeting in Boca Raton on June 26-27.

The slate of officers put forth include:

* President Brittany Maxey of the Pinellas County Association for Women Lawyers.

* Immediate Past President Laura K. Wendell of Miami-Dade FAWL.

* President-elect Robin Bresky, of the South Palm Beach County FAWL.

* Treasurer Robyn Featherston of the Pinellas County Association for Women Lawyers.

* Secretary Stefanie Moon of the Broward County Women Lawyers.

* Membership Director Kristin Norse of the Hillsborough Association for Women Lawyers.

* Legislative Director Jennifer Sullivan Davis of the Tallahassee Women Lawyers.

* Development Director Stephanie Harriett of the Jacksonville Women Lawyers Association.

* Journal Editor Kathryn Lancaster of the Clara Gehan Association for Women Lawyers.

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