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September 1, 2013
PEC to review Bar programs

The Program Evaluation Committee has identified a number of Bar projects for review for the 2013-14 Bar year.

PEC Chair Ray Abadin presented the list to the Board of Governors at its Amelia Island meeting:

* Evaluating the Bar’s Law Office Management Assistance Service.

* Deciding whether the PEC chair should be an automatic member of the Executive Committee.

* Changing the name of the Legislation Committee to the Governmental Affairs Committee.

* Looking at variations in certification criteria for different areas of law.

* Conducting a mandatory three-year review of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section.

* Evaluating antitrust and trade regulation certification.

* Determining whether there should be an additional charge beyond the initial $150 fee when an ad submitted for Bar review is subsequently revised and must be re-reviewed.

Abadin noted The Florida Bar remains unique among state bars in having a PEC, charged with reviewing all new proposed Bar programs and the periodic review of existing ones.

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