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September 1, 2013
Members of the Florida Muslim Bar Association

THE FLORIDA MUSLIM BAR ASSOCIATION hosted its annual Ramadan iftar July 27, which is the breaking of the fast, at the home of Khurrum Wahid in Coral Springs. Guests included Judge Lynn Rosenthal, Judge Jason Dimitris, Judge Ivonne Cuesta, Judge Steven Feren, Judge Abby Cynamon, Ramon Abadin of The Florida Bar Board of Governors, as well as members of the Bar. Guests joined Muslim attorneys for the traditional breaking of the fast dinner and learned about the spiritual reasons behind the month-long fasting, which takes place from dawn to sunset. Pictured in the front from the left are Safiah Afify, Irma Khoja, Carmen Vizcaino, Taghrid Hassan, and Saman Movassaghi. In the back from the left are Yasir Billoo, Caleb Avraham, Khurrum Wahid, Jalal Shehadeh, Samy Zaman, and Saif Ishoof.

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