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August 15, 2012
Fifth DCA to mandate e-filing

Beginning September 1, the Fifth District Court of Appeal will offer email service of all acknowledgment letters, orders, opinions, and mandates through its eDCA Case Mail (email) service. To receive documents electronically from the court, an attorney or non-attorney party must have registered with the court and received a confirmation email that the registration has been accepted.

To register, visit

From September 1 until October 1, the court will send both paper and email documents. Beginning on October 1, service of all letters, orders, opinions, and mandates will be by email only, except to pro se parties who are not registered and attorneys who have requested and obtained a hardship waiver from the court.

Also beginning on September 1, those documents currently required to be emailed by Administrative Order 5DAO08-0 may be filed electronically through eDCA and not emailed to the court. If electronically filed, a document should not also be filed on paper; however, if the document is filed on paper, compliance with the email requirement of 5DAO08-01 is still required. A copy of the administrative order can be found on the court’s website.

Beginning on October 1, electronic filing of these documents will be mandatory, and paper filings will no longer be accepted. Registration is required before electronic filing of any documents. The court will not accept any documents other than those listed in 5DAO08-01 electronically until further notice.

Complete information and instructions about how to register and how to use eDCA may be found on the court’s website. Electronic filing in the court will be through eDCA until the statewide e-portal and electronic filing system become operational in the court.

[Revised: 12-19-2016]