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July 1, 2013

Scott Hawkins, Gwynne Young, and Eugene Pettis
SCOTT HAWKINS, BAR PRESIDENT in 2011-12, received scrapbooks commemorating his year at the helm of the Bar from outgoing Bar President Gwynne Young and President-elect Eugene Pettis at the Board of Governors May 31 meeting. “I treasure that I had this great, great opportunity to serve this wonderful state at an interesting time,” Hawkins told the board. He praised the Bar’s efforts on The Vote’s In Your Court voter education project on merit elections and said that showed that “thinking people from across the aisles who have a higher principle than a political agenda . . . can work together on things of a higher order.” Young praised Hawkins for laying the groundwork of The Vote’s In Your Court, which she said had a historic effect on last year’s retention elections and countered the trend of politicizing nonpartisan judicial elections.

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