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The Florida Bar

Unlicensed Practice of Law Circuit Committees
Second Circuit UPL Committee
    Staff Contact    Monica Armster Rainge
    Yolanda L Siples Chair Tallahassee  June, 2015
    Kellie D. Scott Liaison Tallahassee  June, 2014
    Lawrence Edward Sellers, Jr. Designated Reviewer Tallahassee  June, 2014
    Toni Carol Bernstein Tallahassee  October, 2018
    Lynn Miyamoto Hoshihara Tallahassee  August, 2018
    Corie C. Jones *Public Member Tallahassee  August, 2018
    Leslie Thomas *Public Member Tallahassee  October, 2016
    Eddie Williams, III Tallahassee  June, 2016
    * Public Member


    [Revised: 02-01-2013]