The Florida Bar

Unlicensed Practice of Law Circuit Committees
Eleventh Circuit UPL Committee "C"
Staff Contact    Jacquelyn Needelman
Franklin Gordon Cosmen, Jr. Chair Miami  August, 2017
Donald Matsuura *Liaison Miami  June, 2016
Dennis G Kainen Designated Reviewer Miami  June, 2016
Sophie Darling *Public Member Miami  June, 2019
Henry J Haegele *Public Member Miami  August, 2017
Allan Bennett Kaiser Miami  August, 2017
John Howell Patterson, Jr. Miami  December, 2015
Ricardo Ruz Coral Gables  August, 2017
Howard J Scheider *Public Member Coral Gables  August, 2017
Francisco J. Suarez *Public Member Miami  February, 2021
Lisa B. Vessels *Public Member Miami  January, 2019
Harold S Vogel, Jr. Coral Gables  August, 2021
* Public Member


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