The Florida Bar

Unlicensed Practice of Law Circuit Committees
Eleventh Circuit UPL Committee "B"
Staff Contact    Jacquelyn Needelman
Alan Howard Aronson Chair Miami  August, 2017
Jeffrey Michael Kolokoff Liaison Miami  June, 2016
Michael Jerome Higer Designated Reviewer Miami  June, 2016
Daniel Dennis Dolan, II Miami  August, 2017
Harvey A Goldman Miami  June, 2021
William King Hill Miami  August, 2017
Jack Levine *Public Member North Miami Beach  February, 2018
George Gerard Mahfood Miami  August, 2017
Tamara McLendon-Coleman *Public Member Miami  May, 2019
Michele Merilus *Public Member Miami Beach  August, 2017
* Public Member


[Revised: 12-22-2015]