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The mission of the Continuing Legal Education Committee is to assist the members of The Florida Bar in their continuing legal education and to facilitate the production and delivery of quality CLE programs and publications for the benefit of Bar members in coordination with the Sections, Committees and Staff of The Florida Bar and others who participate in the CLE process.

The Committee coordinates the preparation and distribution of continuing legal education publications, including practice manuals, practice systems, rules pamphlets, video and audio programs, necessary supplements and other updates.

Staff Contact    Dixey Teel
Michael Scott Bloom Chair Hollywood  2017
Barbara Cocciolo Vice Chair Jacksonville  2015
Patrick L Imhof Vice Chair Tallahassee  2015
Evett Louise Simmons Vice Chair Port Saint Lucie  2015
Sandra Fascell Diamond Board Liaison Seminole  2015
Zascha Blanco Abbott Representative Miami  2015
Glen-Peter Ahlers *Representative Orlando  2015
Albert Louis Alguadich, Jr. Naples  2017
Christopher Michael Bentley Tampa  2017
Laura J. Boeckman Representative Jacksonville  2015
Janet Elizabeth Bowman Representative Tallahassee  2015
Carolyn Beth Brombacher Fort Lauderdale  2017
Rosanna Manuela Catalano Representative Tallahassee  2015
Elaine L Cooper Tampa  2017
Kristin Marie Davis Belchertown  2017
Timothy E. Dennis Representative Tallahassee  2015
Bogdan Enica St Petersburg  2017
Peter Jonathan Forman Boca Raton  2015
Robert Scott Freedman Representative Tampa  2015
Jeffrey Fromknecht Boynton Beach  2017
Brenda S Fulmer West Palm Beach  2017
William Paul Galione Gainesville  2016
Gordon Johnson Glover Representative Ocala  2015
Kevin Govern *Representative Naples  2015
Douglas Avery Greenbaum Representative Fort Lauderdale  2015
Kathy Newman Grunewald Tallahassee  2016
David H Harris Orlando  2017
Shaddrick A Haston Tallahassee  2016
Gregory Theodore Holtz Estero  2016
David Robert Hoyle Representative Bradenton  2015
Joseph Franklin Kinman, Jr. Representative Tampa  2015
Kimberly Dawn Kolback Representative Miami  2015
Arnoldo Benjamin Lacayo Representative Miami  2015
Bruce Douglas Lamb Representative Tampa  2015
Jenifer S McCaffrey Lehner Tampa  2017
Jay Mitchell Levy Miami  2017
Alyssa Brooke Lunin West Palm Beach  2017
Elizabeth Kamper Mabry Ft Lauderdale  2017
Kathleen Mahoney Representative Miami Gardens  2014
Conor J McLaughlin Tallahassee  2017
Patrick Joseph McNamara Tampa  2015
Kimberly Clark Menchion Representative Tallahassee  2015
Gale Harrison Moore Largo  2015
Anthony Charles Musto Representative Hallandale Beach  2015
Rachel Erin Nordby Tallahassee  2016
Myla Ruth Reizen Representative Miami  2015
Annette Joy Ritter Representative Jacksonville  2015
Aloyma M Sanchez Tampa  2017
James Andrew Sheehan Representative Saint Petersburg  2015
Rick Silverman Tampa  2017
Collett P Small Representative Pembroke Pines  2015
Abrahm William Smith Representative Miami  2015
Laura Kristin Sundberg Orlando  2015
John Richardson Sutton South Miami  2015
Kenneth M Swartz Representative Miami  2015
Jessi Tamayo *Representative Coral Gables  2015
Jeannine Smith Williams Representative Saint Petersburg  2015
Donald Alan Workman Representative Washington  2015
* Public Member

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