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The Florida Bar

Standing Committees
Unlicensed Practice Of Law

The Florida Supreme Court has delegated to The Florida Bar, as an official arm of the court, the duty to investigate and prosecute allegations of unlicensed practice of law. The Rules Regulating The Florida Bar establish one statewide Standing Committee on Unlicensed Practice of Law to supervise circuit unlicensed practice of law committees. There must be at least one unlicensed practice of law investigating committee in each circuit. The circuit committees investigate reports of unlicensed practice. Recommendations to file litigation must be approved by the standing committee. The standing committee in turn operates under the authority of the Board of Governors. When the Board of Governors approves, based on a recommendation from the Standing committee, the Bar may initiate litigation seeking a civil injunction.

The committee also has the authority to issue proposed formal advisory opinions on whether specific conduct constitutes the unlicensed practice of law. The proposed opinions are filed with the Supreme Court of Florida.

    Staff Contact    Lori Holcomb
    Carsandra Denyce Buie Chair Sanford  2016
    C C Abbott Vice Chair Fort Myers  2015
    Stephen J Potter *Vice Chair Ft Lauderdale  2015
    William J Schifino, Jr. Board Liaison Tampa  2014
    Manohar Athavale *Lake Worth  2014
    Sharre Antoinette Brooks Pine Bluff  2014
    Barbara P Burke Maitland  2014
    Dwayne Lamont Dickerson Boca Raton  2016
    Amy Dawn Envall Orlando  2015
    Samantha Schosberg Feuer West Palm Beach  2015
    Joel D Fritton Brooksville  2015
    Stanley M Giannet *Wesley Chapel  2014
    Ricardo E. Gonzalez *Miami  2015
    Lawrence Gordon *West Palm Beach  2014
    Monte S. Gordon *Coral Gables  2014
    Rene Gorman *Miami  2016
    Sean Jay Greene Port Saint Lucie  2016
    Jerry R Hall *Leesburg  2016
    Saidin Marcus Hernandez Doral  2015
    Jeffrey Michael Kolokoff Miami  2014
    David Lanaux *Fort Myers  2014
    Ronald J. Lebio *Dunnellon  2016
    Francine Leibman *Miami  2016
    Gino Martone *Lauderdale Lakes  2014
    Donald Matsuura *Miami  2016
    Sharon B Middleton *Ponte Vedra  2016
    Nancy A Murphy *Tallahassee  2014
    David B Norris North Palm Beach  2015
    A Renee Pobjecky Winter Haven  2014
    Marsha G Rydberg Tampa  2014
    Rosanna M Schachtele *West Palm Beach  2016
    Daniel John Schevis *Fort Lauderdale  2016
    Kellie D. Scott Tallahassee  2015
    Martin Jay Sperry Plantation  2015
    Stephanie Surae St. Louis Orlando  2016
    Oscar Syger Pembroke Pines  2016
    Gary Van der Laan *Orlando  2016
    André Tylor Young Orlando  2016
    * Public Member


    [Revised: 7-1-2013]