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The Florida Bar

Standing Committees
Media & Communications Law

The committee is intended to provide Bar members a forum for sharing information about the law applicable to free speech and communications. The committee will explore topical legal issues pertaining to the full spectrum of communications methods, including print, broadcast, cable and emerging technologies. A second and equally important purpose of the committee is to promote better understanding between The Florida Bar and the news media, focusing attention upon mutual problems and developing amicable solutions to those problems. The committee plans the annual Media Law Conference, Reporters' Workshop, Media Awards and produces and updates the Reporter's Handbook.

    Staff Contact    Karen Kirksey
    Patricia Acosta Chair Miami  2014
    Edward Louis Birk Vice Chair Jacksonville  2014
    Paul R McAdoo Vice Chair Ypsilanti  2014
    Edwin Ayres Scales, III Board Liaison Miami  2014
    Russell Bruce Adler Plantation  2014
    Nadia Batool Ahmad Denver  2014
    Prof. Laurence B Alexander *Gainesville  2014
    Susan H Aprill Ft Lauderdale  2014
    Donna DiMaggio Berger Ft Lauderdale  2014
    Daniel Buigas Miami Gardens  2014
    Jerry Joe Campos Miami  2014
    Sandra Ferguson Chance Gainesville  2014
    Tim J Conner Jacksonville  2014
    Cole James Copertino Fort Lauderdale  2014
    Robert Michael Dees Jacksonville  2014
    William Frederick Ebsary, Jr. Tampa  2014
    Francisco Ferreiro Miami  2014
    Patricia Riste Gleason Tallahassee  2014
    Tyler Anthony Hayden Sarasota  2014
    Gregory William Herbert Orlando  2014
    Andrew L Hoffman West Palm Beach  2014
    Bonita E Jones Peabody Miami  2014
    Thomas Richard Julin Miami  2014
    Karen Leslie Kammer Miami Beach  2014
    David Arnold Karp Miami  2014
    Amanda Nicole Kleinrock West Palm Beach  2014
    David A Konuch Tallahassee  2014
    James Burges Lake Tampa  2014
    Carol Jean LoCicero Tampa  2014
    Jennifer Anne Mansfield Jacksonville  2014
    Dana Jane McElroy Fort Lauderdale  2014
    James Joseph McGuire Tampa  2014
    J Scott McKee Ormond Beach  2014
    John Warren McKnight Tampa  2014
    Judith Mary Mercier Orlando  2014
    Hilary Metz Miami  2014
    Samuel John Morley Tallahassee  2014
    Edward Maurice Mullins Miami  2014
    Mamie Coleen Overstreet Joeveer Fort Lauderdale  2014
    Belvin Perry, Jr. Orlando  2014
    Sheldon Ansel Philp Miami  2014
    Errol Hamilton Powell Tallahassee  2014
    Melinda B Powers Jacksonville  2014
    Dwayne Antonio Robinson Miami  2014
    Robert Lee Rogers, III Orlando  2014
    Louis Howard Schiff Deerfield Beach  2014
    Cherry Alice Shaw Jacksonville  2014
    Deanna Kendall Shullman Lake Worth  2014
    Allison Sinclair Lovelady Fort Lauderdale  2014
    George Neil Skene, Jr. Tallahassee  2014
    David M Snyder Tampa  2014
    Courtney Smith Sowerby-Thomas Ft Lauderdale  2014
    Samuel Anthony Terilli, Jr. Miami  2014
    Jonathan Irbing Tolentino Naples  2014
    Jaime Rich Vining Coral Gables  2014
    Robert Craig Waters Tallahassee  2014
    * Public Member


    [Revised: 7-1-2013]