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The scope and function of the Education Law Committee is to bring together education law attorneys, as well as other attorneys that practice in education law-related areas, to review existing areas of education law, to study recent developments in this specialized area of practice of the law, and to keep the members of the bar informed of significant developments in this practice area. The committee is dedicated to having all new or current members, whatever their level of knowledge or expertise in education law may be, feel welcome and comfortable with participating in committee activities. The Committee will take an active role in communicating and articulating legislative changes, will publish a journal (newsletter), and will hold a regular annual seminar addressing education law issues. The Committee will meet at least three times a year for its business meetings and to study current areas and to share new information in this practice area. The Committee, in addition to the journal (newsletter) and annual seminar, will establish and maintain subcommittees, further research and study issues of specialized concern to this practice area. The Committee will bring together attorneys that practice education law in public and private universities, four-year colleges, community colleges, public and private schools, charter schools, deregulated schools, and other education law-related areas. The synergetic strength of the Committee will be a cross representation from all levels of education, public and private, and include attorneys that represent and/or defend actions in these arenas.

Staff Contact    Tom Miller
Patricia D Lott Chair Pensacola  2017
Robert William Batsel, Jr. Vice Chair Ocala  2017
Jason K Fudge Vice Chair Tallahassee  2017
Jay Cohen Board Liaison Fort Lauderdale  2017
Nathan Aldrich Adams, IV Tallahassee  2017
Nancy McClain Alfonso Zephyrhills  2017
Joaquin Alvarez Tallahassee  2017
Marylin Batista Fort Lauderdale  2017
Darlene Yvette Bell-Alexander Eustis  2017
Joel Stuart Berman Vero Beach  2017
Valerie Carmen Dominique Blocker Kissimmee  2017
Michael Lawrence Boswell Deland  2017
Melina Buncome Jacksonville  2017
Franco Enrico Cammarata Pompano Beach  2017
Maria Malkoon Cammarata Pompano Beach  2017
Lydia B Cannizzo Cooper City  2017
Brett Matthew Carey Orlando  2017
John Paul Carland, II Sanford  2017
Matthew Joseph Carson Tallahassee  2017
Carla Bernice Cody Miramar  2017
Youndy Christine Cook Orlando  2017
Dayton Michael Cramer Tallahassee  2017
David Jeffrey D'Agata Stuart  2017
Suzanne D'Agresta Orlando  2017
David McKinnon Delaney Gainesville  2017
Daniel Frederick Dill Orlando  2017
David Michael Dudgeon Miami Shores  2017
Michael Gray Dyer Deland  2017
Amy Dawn Envall Orlando  2017
Hannah Nicole Farber Orlando  2017
Leanne Kim Frazee Tellam Miami  2017
Luis Michael Garcia Miami  2017
Suzanne Lynda Gardner Saint Petersburg  2017
Kristy Janda Gavin Bunnell  2017
Melissa M Gross-Arnold Jacksonville  2017
Terry Joseph Harmon Tallahassee  2017
Bob Lynn Harris Tallahassee  2017
Bruce A Harris West Palm Beach  2017
Cary Anderson High Wellington  2017
Robyn Blank Jackson Tallahassee  2017
Ned N Julian, Jr. Sanford  2017
Katherine V Kelly Daytona Beach  2017
Julie Fara Klahr Fort Lauderdale  2017
Martha Kaye Koehler Tampa  2017
David A. Koperski Largo  2017
Barbara G Lanshe Palm Beach Gardens  2017
Tria Alkione Lawton-Russell Fort Lauderdale  2017
Xinning Shirley Liu Pembroke Pines  2017
Patti Phillips Locascio Gainesville  2017
Mark E. Lupe Fort Myers  2017
Colin Cheney Mailloux Jacksonville  2017
Rochelle Zucker Marcus Fort Lauderdale  2017
Susan M Marcy Fort Myers  2017
Krista Ariane Marti Ft Lauderdale  2017
Melinda Louise McNichols Miami  2017
Dale Marie Merrill Crystal River  2017
Melissa Cameron Miller Palatka  2017
William John Mullowney Orlando  2017
Barbara Joanne Myrick Ft Lauderdale  2017
Janet D Owen Jacksonville  2017
Kevin William Pendley Naples  2017
Jorge Alejandro Perez Miami Beach  2017
Laura Esterman Pincus West Palm Beach  2017
Edward Samuel Polk Miami  2017
Chaya Gita Posner Davie  2017
Julie Ann Rico West Palm Beach  2017
Marci A.R Rosenthal Miami  2017
A Denise Sagerholm West Palm Beach  2017
Tracey L Schneider Williamsburg  2017
Stephen Christopher Schroeder New Port Richey  2017
Lisa Scoles Tallahassee  2017
Julie Louise Sheppard Pensacola  2017
Joy Smith-McCormick Riverview  2017
Tonald Edmund Spinks Tampa  2017
Karen Jean Stone Jacksonville  2017
Maria Fernanda Tako Weston  2017
V Tanner-Otts Clermont  2017
Erin Varnell Lakeland  2017
Robert Paul Vignola Fort Lauderdale  2017
Beth Marie Vissers West Palm Beach  2017
Barbara C Wingo Gainesville  2017
Daniel Jon Woodring Tallahassee  2017
Carol Lynne Zeiner Miami Gardens  2017

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