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Rules of Judicial Administration

The scope and function of the Rules of Judicial Administration Committee is to originate proposed new rules, and review and re-evaluate existing rules of procedure to advance orderly and inexpensive procedures in the administration of justice.

See the Rules of Procedure page for full text of the rules and any proposed amendments.

Rules of Judicial Administration Committee page.

Staff Contact    Krys Godwin
Steven Scott Stephens Chair Tampa  2018
Judson Lee Cohen Vice Chair Miami Lakes  2018
Marynelle Hardee Vice Chair Gainesville  2017
Stanford R Solomon Vice Chair Tampa  2018
Stephen Herre Echsner Board Liaison Pensacola  2017
Andrea Armas Cocoa Beach  2017
Amy Singer Borman West Palm Beach  2017
Donald Edward Christopher Orlando  2018
Woody Robert Clermont Miami  2018
Marva Louise Crenshaw Tampa  2019
Michael Thiel Debski Representative Jacksonville  2017
Robert Michael Eschenfelder Bradenton  2018
José Rafael Flórez Fort Lauderdale  2018
Josephine Gagliardi Fort Myers  2017
Jonathan Adam Galler Representative Boca Raton  2017
Cynthia M Guerra West Palm Beach  2017
Thomas D Hall Tallahassee  2018
Corinne Cotton Hodak Jacksonville  2017
Justin J Horan Green Cove Springs  2019
Debra Anne Jenks West Palm Beach  2019
David Arthur Jones Representative Orlando  2017
Michael Jeffrey Korn Jacksonville  2018
Craig Edward Leen Coral Gables  2018
Jennifer Anne Mansfield Jacksonville  2019
Robert William Mason Representative Jacksonville  2017
James Andrew McKee Tallahassee  2017
Manuel Menendez, Jr. Tampa  2017
Ashley J McCorvey Myers Jacksonville  2019
Richard Allen Nielsen Tampa  2019
Todd Stewart Payne Fort Lauderdale  2017
Stephanie Williams Ray Tallahassee  2018
Paul R Regensdorf High Springs  2019
Doricia Miller Rivas Representative Winter Park  2017
John Daniel Roman Orlando  2018
David Anthony Rowland Tampa  2019
Rodolfo Armando Ruiz, II Representative Miami  2017
Eduardo I Sanchez Miami  2017
Michael Pasquale Sasso Palmetto  2019
Michael William Schmid Tampa  2019
Caroline Black Sikorske Representative Tampa  2017
Murray Bruce Silverstein Tampa  2017
Sarah Rebecca Sullivan Jacksonville  2017
William C Vose Orlando  2017
Samantha Lee Ward Representative Tampa  2017
Stephen R Williams Trinity  2018
Jeffrey H Willis Tampa  2019
Stephanie Christina Zimmerman Representative Bradenton  2017

[Revised: 7-1-2016]