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Constitutional Judiciary Committee

The charge of the Constitutional Judiciary Committee is to consider various methods of strengthening Florida’s judiciary and maintaining its independence, including but not limited to, possible changes in state constitutional or statutory law. Among specific issues of likely consideration the committee will explore potential changes in the composition and appointment of our state’s judicial nominating commissions, money raising options to endorse candidates supporting judicial independence, as well as other reforms.

Benchmarks activities available online
The Constitutional Judiciary Committee's Benchmarks activities are available for download on line:

  • Amending the Florida Constitution and the role of the courts.
  • Judging candidates for judicial office.
  • Understanding what makes a law "constitutional."
  • Getting beyond labels in discussing courts and controversial cases.
  • Interpreting what laws mean.
  • Testing your knowledge of what's in the U.S. and Florida constitutions.
    Staff Contact    Susannah Lyle
    Michael Joseph Napoleone Chair West Palm Beach  2014
    Deborah Michelle Sisco Vice Chair Tampa  2014
    Steven Wayne Davis Board Liaison Miami  2014
    Arlene Evon Acord Tampa  2015
    John James Bajger West Palm Beach  2015
    Daniel Cramer Brown Tallahassee  2014
    Edward John Carbone Tampa  2014
    Christi Daisey-Snyder Jacksonville  2014
    Sacha Dyson Tampa  2014
    Karla D Ellis Tallahassee  2015
    Julie Feigeles Coral Gables  2014
    Alan Orantes Forst West Palm Beach  2014
    Valeria Hendricks Tampa  2015
    Dominic Kouffman Tampa  2015
    Kamilah LaSeth Perry Tampa  2014
    Jon M Philipson Tampa  2014
    Corinne Tutuska Porcher Tallahassee  2015
    Anthony M Salzano New Port Richey  2014
    Kyle A. Shephard Orlando  2015
    Lilliana Torreh-Bayouth Miami  2015
    Mark R Wolfe Tampa  2014
    David Haris Young Miami  2015

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