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Clients' Security Fund

The scope and function of the Clients' Security Fund Committee is to review and process claims made by persons who may have suffered a reimbursable loss as a result of misappropriation or embezzlement of money or property placed in the attorney's trust pursuant to an attorney and client relationship or such other relationship customary to the practice of law.
Staff Contact    P J Osborne

Leslie Larkin Cooney Chair Fort Lauderdale  2019
Richard James Montecalvo Vice Chair Fort Myers  2019
Mark James Ragusa Vice Chair Tampa  2018
F. Scott Westheimer Board Liaison Sarasota  2017
Pamela D Cichon Saint Petersburg  2019
Daniel Ezra Davis Miami  2017
Mary Ann Etzler Orlando  2019
Gerard Joseph Flood North Venice  2019
Irwin Robert Gilbert West Palm Beach  2019
Yolonda Y. Green Tallahassee  2019
Harry Thomas Hackney Tavares  2019
Denise Mayo Harle Tallahassee  2018
Richard Anthony Harrison Tampa  2017
Catherine Day Hult Largo  2019
Amanda Rae Keller West Palm Beach  2017
Patricia Anne Leonard West Palm Beach  2019
Albert Benedict Maggio, Jr. Boca Raton  2018
Sean Michael McDonough Orlando  2017
John William McLuskey Miami  2018
Andrea Montavon-McKillip Plantation  2018
Russell Martin Robbins Coral Springs  2018
Susan L. St John Tallahassee  2019
Edward John Welch Miami  2018
Randi Brent Whitehead Orlando  2017
Steven Charles Williams West Palm Beach  2018
Thomas Hargis Yardley Cocoa  2017


[Revised: 7-1-2016]