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Florida Registered Paralegal

The committee is comprised of seven members appointed by the President of The Florida Bar. Three of the members of the committee are paralegals, at least two of whom are Florida Registered Paralegals (FRP). (As the committee has been appointed before the rule is implemented, the two seats requiring FRP status may be filled by individuals meeting the requirements for registration although not yet registered.) One member of the committee is a paralegal educator. The paralegal educator may be a lawyer or a nonlawyer. The remaining members of the committee are members of The Florida Bar. The President will designate the chair and vice-chair of the committee.

The members of the committee will serve a three year term. Continuous service of a committee member will not exceed six years. No person may be reappointed to the committee for a period of 3 years after a term of six years of membership on that committee. The initial appointments to the committee will be on staggered terms determined by the President of The Florida Bar.
Staff Contact    Shannon Fleming

Thomas Joseph Jerla, Jr. Chair Boca Raton  2018
Lori M. Spangler *Vice Chair Orlando  2018
Wayne LaRue Smith Board Liaison Key West  2017
Jami A Coleman Tallahassee  2017
Patricia C DeRamus *Wellington  2017
Cary Anderson High Wellington  2018
Steven P. Sanchez *West Palm Beach  2019
Wendy Spitler Toscano Orlando  2019
* Public Member


[Revised: 7-1-2016]