The Florida Bar

Board Executive Committee

This committee is composed of the president, president-elect, chair of the Budget Committee, chair of the Legislation Committee, chair of the Communications Committee, chair of the Disciplinary Review Committee, Young Lawyers Division president, two members of the Board selected by the president and three Board members selected by the Board. Unless otherwise limited by rule, the Executive Committee shall have full power and authority to exercise the function of the Board to the extent authorized by the Board on any specific matter, and on any other matter which necessarily must be determined between meetings of the Board. The Executive Committee shall notify the Board at the next meeting of all actions taken by the Executive Committee during the interim period. Unless modified by the Board, actions of the Executive Committee shall be final.

Gregory William Coleman Chair West Palm Beach  2015
Ramón A Abadin Chair-elect Miami  2015
Brian David Burgoon Atlanta  2015
Dori Foster-Morales Miami  2015
Michael Jerome Higer Miami  2015
Michael Fox Orr Jacksonville  2015
David Christopher Prather West Palm Beach  2015
William J Schifino, Jr. Tampa  2015
John Mitchell Stewart Vero Beach  2015
Michelle Renee Suskauer West Palm Beach  2015
Michael Grant Tanner Jacksonville  2015
Renée Elise Thompson Ocala  2015

[Revised: 7-1-2014]