The Florida Bar

Board Program Evaluation Committee

This committee provides the Board of Governors with: (1) guidelines and standards by which Florida Bar programs are reviewed or evaluated, (2) in-depth evaluations of selected Bar programs, (3) recommendations relating to proposed new or expanded programs, (4) review of programs for resource and budgetary appropriations, (5) The Florida Bar's program descriptions, and (6) coordination with the Long Range Planning Committee and the Budget Committee.

The Director of Planning and Evaluation prepares in-depth evaluation reports on those programs selected by the committee for detailed study. The committee reviews the reports and recommendations and submits its report to the Board. Program descriptions for all Bar programs are developed by the Director of Planning and Evaluation and reviewed by the committee to determine the agenda for programs to be evaluated. The Program Evaluation Committee works closely with the Budget Committee in reviewing and evaluating programs. Proponents of new programs are required to submit a detailed program proposal and a budget for review by the Program Evaluation Committee. A detailed three-year budget projection must then be submitted to the Budget Committee.

The Program Evaluation Committee meets during the Board of Governors meetings. The committee may be expected to meet in the alternate months between regularly scheduled Board meetings.

Staff Contact    Mike Garcia

Michael Grant Tanner Chair Jacksonville  2017
Renée Elise Thompson Chair-elect Ocala  2018
Lorna E Brown-Burton Fort Lauderdale  2017
Brian David Burgoon Atlanta  2018
Jay Cohen Fort Lauderdale  2018
Sandra Fascell Diamond Seminole  2018
Stephen Herre Echsner Pensacola  2018
Fred Douglas Franklin Jacksonville  2017
Leslie Jean Lott Coral Gables  2017
Margaret Diane Mathews Tampa  2017
Roland Sanchez-Medina, Jr. Coral Gables  2018
Carl B Schwait Gainesville  2017
Lansing Charles Scriven Tampa  2017
John Mitchell Stewart Vero Beach  2017
Michelle Renee Suskauer West Palm Beach  2018
F. Scott Westheimer Sarasota  2018

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