The Florida Bar

Board Disciplinary Procedure Committee

This committee has the responsibility to study, formulate and oversee the rules of substance and proper procedures to be utilized in the handling of grievance matters. The committee reviews all proposed changes to the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar and standing board policies relating to discipline. The committee also drafts and proposes its own recommendations for changes to the rules.

Dennis G Kainen Chair Miami  2017
Bruce Wayne Robinson Vice Chair Lake City  2017
Wayne Lawrence Helsby Winter Park  2017
Jay Kim Fort Lauderdale  2017
Sam Nicholas Masters Daytona Beach  2017
Ronald Peter Ponzoli, Jr. West Palm Beach  2017
Diana Santa Maria Davie  2017
Marcy Lynn Shaw Fort Myers  2017
Wayne LaRue Smith Key West  2017


[Revised: 7-1-2016]