The Florida Bar

Board Rules Committee

This committee is charged with drafting and/or reviewing changes to the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, Standing Board Policies, and other bar policies and regulations prior to Board of Governors review and approval. Changes to the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar (after board approval) are submitted to the Supreme Court of Florida for final approval. The committee is also sometimes called on to interpret the rules, bylaws or standing board policies, and to review proposed amendments to sections' bylaws.

Margaret Diane Mathews Chair Tampa  2016
Roland Sanchez-Medina, Jr. Vice Chair Coral Gables  2016
O John Alpizar Palm Bay  2016
Thomas Roe Bopp Tampa  2016
Walter Gordon Campbell, Jr. Fort Lauderdale  2016
Diana Santa Maria Fort Lauderdale  2016
Wayne LaRue Smith Key West  2016


[Revised: 7-1-2015]