The Florida Bar

Board Strategic Planning

The primary role of the strategic planning committee is to update and refine annually the strategic plan of The Florida Bar as a whole, then provide a copy of the updated plan to the board of governors. A comprehensive strategic planning workshop involving the strategic planning committee is conducted annually. All programs of The Florida Bar and all actions of the board of governors must be consistent with The Florida Bar's purpose and strategic plan. Both the budget committee and the program evaluation committee will require all funding and program requests to state how and where the request fits into the long range strategic plan of The Florida Bar.
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Michael Jerome Higer Chair Miami  2017
Jay Cohen Fort Lauderdale  2017
Steven Wayne Davis Miami  2017
Sandra Fascell Diamond Seminole  2017
Wayne Lawrence Helsby Winter Park  2017
Kevin David Johnson Tampa  2017
Cristin Conley Keane Tampa  2017
Gary Shepard Lesser West Palm Beach  2017
Katherine Hurst Miller New Smyrna Beach  2017
Mary Ann Morgan Winter Park  2017
Paul Louis SanGiovanni Orlando  2017
William J Schifino, Jr. Tampa  2017
Carl B Schwait Gainesville  2017
Michael Grant Tanner Jacksonville  2017
Renée Elise Thompson Ocala  2017
F. Scott Westheimer Sarasota  2017
Zackary T Zuroweste Clearwater  2017


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