The Florida Bar

Board Disciplinary Review Committee

The Disciplinary Review Committee (“DRC”) oversees the prosecution and appeals for disciplinary violations by Florida lawyers, recommends policy on lawyer regulation and discipline matters, and reviews and makes recommendations on disciplinary actions that require review of the Board of Governors or for which a Board member requests discussion.

The committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board concerning disciplinary actions at all stages of the lawyer regulation process. DRC reviews each report of referee issued as a result of a disciplinary hearing prior to review and final determination by the Florida Supreme Court. The committee makes recommendations to the Board on whether to appeal to the Florida Supreme Court the referee’s factual findings, conclusions of law and recommendations of discipline.

The committee is also involved in reviewing pre-trial disciplinary matters pursuant to the procedures set forth in Chapter 3, Rules Regulating The Florida Bar. Such review includes matters pending before the local grievance committees (composed of lawyers and public members in the respondent’s judicial circuit who determine whether there is probable cause that the respondent committed a disciplinary violation warranting discipline). Each grievance committee has a Board of Governors member from that circuit assigned to serve as its designated reviewer, who may refer grievance committee decisions to DRC for review. These matters include designated reviewer requests for review of grievance committee probable cause findings, reports of minor misconduct and other actions. DRC also reviews grievance committee requests to defer cases.

DRC also reviews proposed consent judgments to resolve disciplinary complaints prior to hearing, requests for payment plans for costs, Clients’ Security Fund claims and other matters within the committee’s authority and purview.

Michelle Renee Suskauer Chair West Palm Beach  2015
Brian David Burgoon Vice Chair Atlanta  2015
O John Alpizar Palm Bay  2015
Lorna E Brown-Burton Deerfield Beach  2015
Walter Gordon Campbell, Jr. Fort Lauderdale  2015
William Howard Davis Tallahassee  2015
Fred Douglas Franklin Jacksonville  2015
Gordon Johnson Glover Ocala  2015
Wayne Lawrence Helsby Winter Park  2015
John H Hickey Miami  2015
Anthony Holloway *St Petersburg  2015
Timothy Joseph Koenig Key West  2015
John Wesley Manuel Panama City  2015
Mary Ann Morgan Winter Park  2015
Michael Fox Orr Jacksonville  2015
Adam Glenn Rabinowitz Fort Lauderdale  2015
Bruce Wayne Robinson Lake City  2015
Roland Sanchez-Medina, Jr. Coral Gables  2015
Diana Santa Maria Fort Lauderdale  2015
Andrew Blaise Sasso Clearwater  2015
F Scott Westheimer Sarasota  2015
* Public Member

Grievance Agenda

[Revised: 7-1-2014]