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The Florida Bar

Board Disciplinary Review Committee

This committee reviews the grievance agenda and makes recommendations on disciplinary actions that require the review of the Board of Governors. Prior to each Board meeting, members of the board and DRC receive copies of each agenda item together with back-up information. This material must be reviewed by the members prior to the committee meeting. The committee reviews each agenda item and its recommendations are presented to the Board on the following day. Cases where there is a unanimous agreement are presented to the Board as a group on a "roll call" basis. Other cases are individually discussed before the Board. Any case may be brought up for discussion upon request of a single Board member.

Brian David Burgoon Chair Atlanta  2014
Michelle Renee Suskauer Chair-elect West Palm Beach  2014
O John Alpizar Palm Bay  2014
Lorna E Brown-Burton Fort Lauderdale  2014
Steven Wayne Davis Miami  2014
William Howard Davis Tallahassee  2014
Winston W Gardner *Orlando  2014
Melanie Shoemaker Griffin Orlando  2014
John H Hickey Miami  2014
Anthony Holloway *Clearwater  2014
Michael S Hooker Tampa  2014
Timothy Joseph Koenig Key West  2014
Gary Shepard Lesser West Palm Beach  2014
John Wesley Manuel Panama City  2014
Scott Ramsey McMillen Orlando  2014
Mary Ann Morgan Winter Park  2014
Michael Fox Orr Jacksonville  2014
Ronald Peter Ponzoli, Jr. West Palm Beach  2014
Adam Glenn Rabinowitz Fort Lauderdale  2014
Diana Santa Maria Fort Lauderdale  2014
Paul Louis SanGiovanni Orlando  2014
Andrew Blaise Sasso Clearwater  2014
Carl B Schwait Gainesville  2014
Marcy Lynn Shaw Fort Myers  2014
Renée Elise Thompson Ocala  2014
Samuel Grier Wells Jacksonville  2014
F Scott Westheimer Sarasota  2014
* Public Member

Grievance Agenda

[Revised: 7-1-2013]